365 Prayer

#the365Watch 2017

In every place you set foot – claim ground!

365 days to expand our footprint, in every sphere of life, through joyful prayer!
‘I will give you every place where you set foot.’ (Joshua 1:3)

Our #365Watch began in 2013, so we are entering our 5th year of prayer – every day of every month!

From there to here!

2013 : the365Watch – Add a brick to the wall. Every day of the year covered!
2014 : the365Watch – Add a layer to the wall. Multiple people praying every day of the year.
2015 : the365Watch – Add nuclear families to the wall. Nehemiah, build in front of you.
2016 : the366Watch – Add cell families to the wall. Locking & unlocking. Matt 16:19

This brings us to 2017!  We are on the move…taking ground…

Our key scripture is Joshua 1:3. This is what the Lord says to us as a church…
‘I will give you every place where you set foot.’

What a promise!!!  You set foot – He gives ground!  The Lord is calling us to expand our footprint in prayer over our families, church, community, city & the nations.  You’ll see from the visual that we’ll not only leave a footprint but do it with JOY.


  • Your cell group will be given a date (where possible the same date as last year) …eg the 3rd of every month. So you and your cell family will all be praying on the same day.
  • We encourage you to use your Whatsapp groups to remind, encourage & share on that day.
  • If you are not in a cell group at ESCC, you are welcome to select any day of the month to pray (see below). The prayer focus will change every month with the theme of Josh 1:3 flowing through 2017.


  • Monthly easy-to-use printed guidelines for adults & children (on the flipside) will be available at the Info desk on a Sunday. (New this year – Toddlers prayer activity)
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Leaving our JOYPRINT  – the hallmark of ESCC


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