#365Watch 2019

‘You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen YOU & I have APPOINTED & PLACED & PURPOSELY PLANTED you, so that you would go & BEAR FRUIT, keep on bearing, that your fruit will remain & be lasting, so that whatever you ask in My name, He may give it to you.’

Actually it’s good to read this scripture in the full context of John 15 – beginning with ‘I am the vine & My Father is the vinedresser…remain in Me…I am the vine, you are the branches’

This is an amazing scripture!  In 2018 we were called  to’ Build houses, settle down, plant gardens & to seek the peace & prosperity of the city (Jer 29:5-7). This year….I AM THE VINE…I HAVE CHOSEN YOU (intimacy) & I have APPOINTED & PLACED & PURPOSELY PLANTED YOU TO BEAR FRUIT. From the intimacy of the vine to bearing fruit –which is   followed with a promise. Intimacy leads to fruitfulness. #FromVineToWine or #FruitOfTheWine

Connected with the vine in His love. I am more than a conqueror, without Him I am nothing.’  Corrie Ten Boom

This is our 7th year of 365 days of continuous prayer.

How did we get here!

2012 : One day in the gap.  People filled 24 hours, one day a month.
2013 : 365Watch – Add a brick to the wall. Every day of the year covered!
2014 : 365Watch – Add a layer to the wall. Multiple people praying every day of the year.
2015 : 365Watch – Add nuclear families to the wall. Nehemiah, build in front of you.
2016 : 366Watch – Add cell families to the wall. Locking & unlocking. Matt 16:19.
2017 : 365Watch – Add cell families and a number of D4J local churches.  Claimed ground – Josh 1:3.
2018 : 365Watch – Shift atmospheres. Build houses & plant gardens. Pray for the city. Jer 29:5-7

For 2019 we go from #VineToWine, from intimacy to fruitfulness.

From adding single bricks, to layers, followed by families building in front of them (Nehemiah), to cell families locking and unlocking (Matthew 16:19), to adding local churches in Durbanville as we claimed ground (Joshua 1:3)…we will SEEK THE PEACE AND PROSPERITY IN EVERY SPHERE OF LIFE – WHEREVER YOU ARE PLANTED!


  • Your cell group will be given a date (where possible the same date as last year) …eg the 3rd of every month. So you and your cell family will all be praying on the same day.
  • We encourage you to use your Whatsapp groups to remind, encourage & share on that day.
  • If you are not in a cell group at ESCC, you are welcome to select any day of the month to pray (see below). The prayer focus will change every month with the theme of Jeremiah 29:5-7 flowing through 2018.


EXCITING & BIG changes to our monthly prayer guidelines.

The guidelines will now be designed to be used as placemats as you gather around your table with your family & friends. Collect (or print) your placemats at the beginning of each month & use them throughout the month & specifically on your prayer day. You will have a new set of placemats with a different focus based on the theme (John 15:16) at the beginning of each month. There will also be placemats available each month which will be suitable for young children to enjoy the same focus.


  • Monthly easy-to-use printed placemat prayer guidelines for adults and additional placemats for  young children will be available at the INFO desk on a Sunday
  • Download the latest guideline placemat for adults and children from the website
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  • Download the latest guidelines for adults and for children from the website
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