Divine Healing Freed Me from Fear and Anxiety


The roots of many adult struggles often trace back to childhood, and my story is no different. As a child, I was generally happy but deeply sensitive and insecure. Like countless others, I grappled with dreadful nightmares and a fear of sleeping alone in the dark. This anxiety persisted into my school years, making even the simplest tasks like speaking in class or writing on the board daunting endeavours.

Marriage brought some relief, as having my husband beside me at night eased my fears. Yet, the dread of darkness lingered, a stubborn shadow from my past.

Then, in early 2023, a stirring within urged me to visit my aging parents before the year’s end. With my mother-in-law battling relentless high blood pressure and the aftermath of multiple strokes, and my own parents frail and ailing, the journey was emotionally charged from the start. Witnessing my mothers’ declining health was a heavy blow, amplifying my already overwhelming anxiety.

Symptoms of trembling, weakness, loss of appetite, and relentless fear haunted me

Returning home, the weight of my worries became unbearable. My body and mind seemed at odds, leaving me in a bewildered state. Symptoms of trembling, weakness, loss of appetite, and relentless fear haunted me, culminating in a severe panic attack that landed me in the emergency room.

The diagnosis: severe anxiety. Therapy was recommended, but it was the intervention of a caring friend that led me to a seasoned pastoral counselor known for her gentle approach.

Meeting her felt like finding sanctuary in a storm. In her presence, I could finally release the pent- up emotions that had consumed me. With empathy and understanding, she listened as I poured out my fears and struggles. Each session with her brought a glimmer of hope, gradually easing the burden that had weighed on my chest.

Despite the pain of losing my mother-in-law, I found solace in the counsel’s guidance, preparing me to face the inevitable with newfound strength.

Gratitude fills my heart for my friend’s unwavering support, the compassionate counsellor and the caring souls from my cell group who stood by me in prayer every week. To my husband and children, your patience and love sustained me through the darkest days.

If you’re battling demons, reach out

To anyone battling his or her own demons, I urge you not to suffer in silence. Reach out for help, our church community is available. Healing is possible, and through faith and support, I believe and declare that I will find total healing, peace and joy.

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