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D4J 10 Days of Prayer – a “virtual” prayer room

10 Days of Continuous Prayer for Durbanville and Beyond.
From one prayer room to hundreds of prayer hubs in homes!
‘Restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate, make the community liveable again.’ (Msg)

This year as a result of lock down –  you will have a “virtual” prayer hub in your home!
We’ll be praying from house to house ( Acts 20:20) through the lens of Isaiah 58, with our emphasis on verse 12.

Once again ESCC will be hosting the D4 10 Days of Prayer, open to all churches in our community for 10 days of continuous prayer.
18 local churches will be participating this year as well as a church from Muldersdrift as we are no longer limited to one prayer room in Durbanville.
Lock down has caused us to think beyond a single prayer room!  We will be doing things a little differently!  From one prayer room to your prayer hub/ chair/spot in your homes.

You, your family including your children and teens, friends, your cell group, your neighbours …. EVERYONE!  Invite anyone to join in.

Each church taking part will get 24 hours to fill, in one-hour slots.  We’d love multiple people praying in any given hour.
ESCC’s day to pray was Thursday 21st May.  But you can still pray on any day and at any time you want – right up until the 31st May.
If you are part of another D4 church, contact your church to find out what day they are hosting.
Claim your hour and sign up.  OR – pray on any day or at any time that you want.  Everyone is welcome at any time.

This year you will pray in your home!
We encourage you to set up a prayer corner/space where you can have your prayer experience.  Settle in and enjoy your prayer hour , wherever you have chosen your prayer hub  to be. Have a copy of Isaiah 58:6-14 (Msg) in front of you.

Sign up?
ESCC members signed up on Thursday 21st May which was the day we hosted the prayer room.  From now –  you can pray on any day and at any time you want – right up until the 31st May.  No sign-up required.

Ready to Pray?
Here is your link to take you to The Virtual Prayer Room. 

Click here to enter the Virtual Prayer Room …

If you can’t access an online link, or you want to supplement your prayer experience with some additional notes, click on the link below to download a printed copy of the prayer link that you can use for your hour of prayer.

Printed Copy  of Prayer Guidelines

Children’s Prayer Guidelines:
Click on the links below for some prayer instructions specifically for children and also an activities page.

Instructions for Children for their Prayer Hour

Activities Page for Children

More details?
 The link above will give you prayer topics and ideas to pray – just as though you were walking through our prayer room!  The hour will be divided into 3 sections. Each section will have about 3 to 5 minutes input – then press pause & use about 15 minutes to pray. This will be done 3 times within the hour. (We are doing it this way to ensure it doesn’t use too much of your data).
ESCC members:
We host the room on Thursday 21st May.
Other churches: contact your church to find out what day you are hosting.
Or – pray any day you want to – in the comfort and security of your own home!

Listen to this message from Judy inviting you to sign up for the 10 Days of Prayer….

For more info, contact contact Judy or the ESCC church office
For more about the Durbanville 4 Jesus campaign, click here: 
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May 21 @ 12:01 am


May 30 @ 11:59 pm

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