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What’s new at ESCC during lock down in SA

This page is to keep you updated and informed of everything that is happening at ESCC during this lock down period.

Keep checking it regularly – we are posting useful updates for you right here!

Letter from Bruce and Judy about the President’s statement on reopening of churches

for limited services

Online Meetings and Gatherings for ESCC Family and others

Because we can’t physically meet at our church buildings every weekend, we are regularly hosting live, interactive Zoom gatherings and recording online meetings.  You will find the details of upcoming events each week on our events page.  Once the meetings are recorded, you will find them on our YouTube channel.  Check these 2 places regularly so you don’t miss out on anything.  These meetings are for our Youth, our Young Adults and our Not So Young AdultsEVERYONE is welcome – whether you usually worship with ESCC or you don’t.

Useful Information about using YouTube

We have made you a short clip that explains how to sign into YouTube – either from a PC or a phone.  It also explains how to log into the El Shaddai YouTube channel, and to subscribe.  This way you can get notifications, use the chat function during Sunday meetings, and experience a whole lot of other useful features.  Watch it – it’s only a few minutes long:

How To Sign Into YouTube and Subscribe to the El Shaddai Channel

Using Zoom for meetings and connecting

Now that we are having to connect “virtually”, most of us are making a lot of use of Zoom.  It can be confusing and difficult to understand at times.  Here is a YouTube Clip that helps explain the basics.

Learning the basics of Zoom …

Once you have the basics, here is a useful document on some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” during a Zoom meeting.

Some etiquette for a Zoom meeting…

Family Centre Durbanville Resources and Online Talks

We have a page full of resources offering support and encouragement during this time.  We are also recommending online talks and courses that we hear about.  We update the material regularly.

More about FCD Resources and recommended online talks here …

Children’s Church Google Drive

Our Children’s Church leaders have put together a google drive link with an extensive list of activities, Bible stories, fun activities and lessons for you to do with your child. A great way for your family to connect spiritually.

Access them here…


Our youth has continued to thrive in this season!  We are meeting in groups using online platforms where we learn how to hear the voice of Jesus, obey His words, & reach out to others.  If you don’t have a group to meet in & you would like one, or you have a group of friends that you’d like to start meeting with & you need some support, please contact Michael.  He will help you out!

More about ESCCYouth here…

Prayer  at ESCC during Lock Down

Our #366Watch is continuing as normal!  Although we can’t put a printed prayer guide on the help desk for you, they are on our website and on our prayer app. They are updated every month. Keep on  praying on your chosen day!

More about all our prayer initiatives here…

Our Events Page

As always, we regularly update our events page with courses, outreaches, workshops and other events happening at ESCC.

Click through to events page…







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