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ESCC is Open on Sundays

The ESCC hall is open in a limited capacity for worship services on a Sunday morning!

Our primary focus is to keep our family safe.  We have looked at how many people we can safely seat in the ESCC Hall on a Sunday, and we have grouped our cell groups into TWO clusters.  This means you get to come to church every second week and we will not be compromising people’s safety.  See below how we have grouped our cell groups into clusters and the dates for each cluster.  If you are NOT in a cell group, you are welcome to choose a cluster group, and join us.

We will CONTINUE to live stream all our services to our YouTube channel during this time.  So you will have the option  of coming to the ESCC Hall or continue to watch online from home.

In the ESCC Hall.  The Babies’ Room will be available for 0-3 year olds, and the older children (3 years old to Grade 6) will meet in the classrooms off the quad.

Please will you be seated by 8:50am to ensure minimal disruption to the start of the live streaming.

You can complete your screening form at home before you come to church.  If you need any help with this, please be at the Streams entrance between 8:30am and 8:40am.  There will be people at the entrance to help you with this.  Please be seated by 8:50am.

Here is the link to the online form

that you are required to complete (one form per family.) This link can be SAVED to your cell phone home screen for future use.

Sunday 30 May: CLUSTER GROUP 1
Sunday 6 June: CLUSTER GROUP 2
Sunday 13 June: CLUSTER GROUP 1
Sunday 20 June: CLUSTER GROUP 2
Sunday 27 June: CLUSTER GROUP 1
Sunday 4 July: CLUSTER GROUP 2

CLUSTER GROUP 1:  (Cluster leaders Roets, JMcCallum, Ferguson, BMcCallum & Elders)


Cell Group CvdMerwe
Cell Group De Villiers
Cell Group Roets
Cell Group TLaughton

Cell Group Bester
Cell Group Chiriwo
Cell Group Dennett
Cell Group Koen
Cell Group Maberly

Cell Group Cawdry
Cell Group Finlay
Cell Group GLaughton
Cell Group Kriek
Cell Group Mundell
Cell Group Noble
Cell Group Schafer

Cell Group Le Roux

CLUSTER GROUP 2:  (Cluster leaders Verreynne, Watt, Webster, Harris & CNel)

Cell Group Alistoun
Cell Group Howard
Cell Group JVDMerwe
Cell Group Rosselli

Cell Group Best
Cell Group De Wet
Cell Group Findlay
Cell Group Livingstone
Cell Group McQuade
Cell Group Willmore

Cell Group Kirsten
Cell Group Kretzmann
Cell Group De Lange
Cell Group Maritz
Cell Group Setoaba

Cell Group Goodwin
Cell Group Harris

Young Adult Cell Groups

More Info:
NB: Streams is OPEN
– come for a refreshment and a snack before or after the service.

Strict COVID-19 regulations will be followed at all times, with physical distancing, regular sanitising and wearing of masks required by everyone who attends the services.  Everyone who enters the hall will have to complete a form recording their personal details and any COVID symptoms they might be experiencing.  We will continue to live stream all our services to our YouTube channel during this time.

Access our YouTube channel here …


May 10


Aug 24


ESCC – Hall
Lord's Walk, Durbanville


Katherine Croxford
079 445 6524

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