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Get Involved

Download our guidelines for when your Cell Group is on Set Up Service, or check who is serving on a Sunday…

Get Involved

Where would you like to Serve

The Welcoming team is the front and the face of ESCC.  It’s so important that visitors leave church on a Sunday having connected with someone.  If you think this is where you might be called to serve.

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, this volunteer position is fast-paced and great for the budding tech-junkie .  If you feel called to volunteer at the sound desk, we would give you some training to equip you in this area.

Here’s another great opportunity to use our advanced equipment and help with creating the perfect atmosphere in our Sunday celebrations.  Training is available.

Are you computer literate, and good at keeping your cool under pressure?  Then you might be suited to help us project all our song words, video clips and sermon slides onto our projectors.

We live stream our services to our YouTube account every Sunday.  You would help make sure that this happens efficiently and professionally.

We give a lesson most Sundays to 3 different age groups.  All material is compiled by Zendre, our children’s church leader.  If you feel called to get involved here:

If teaching isn’t for you but you want to be involved on a Sunday, come get involved in the setting up of the venues, worship, audio visual or supervision of smaller children.

We have a great team who organises artwork, activities, games, catering and lots more – before and during our camps and holiday clubs. If you would like to serve here:

Join our team of young people who are responsible for the Youth lighting, sound, and overhead projection system.  It’s fun and gives you great exposure to some of the more technical elements of running Youth.

We have a great team who organises artwork, activities, games, catering and lots more – before and during our annual camps.  If you would like to serve here:

Join our team of volunteers who assist us with artwork and graphics for our different prayer initiatives.

To assist with administrative support for annual prayer initiatives:

Would you like to be involved in helping set up our prayer room initiatives?

Join the team of volunteers who meet weekly to sew and/or pack baby bags (as well as visit the hospitals/clinics).  We meet every morning of the week.  Choose a morning that suits you.

Donate suitable products that can be distributed in the baby bags.

Every full nappy bag has the following contents:
A knitted set (hat, pair of bootees, jersey & blanket), small bottle of surgical spirits, maternity pads, towelling nappies (68cm x 68cm), disposable nappies (newborn), a babygrow (0-3 months), vest (0-3 months), a babygrow (3-6 months), receiving blanket, 2 nappy pins, 2 face cloths, 2 waterproofs, 100g petroleum jelly, bar of baby soap, bar of soap for Mom, bib, cotton wool, soft toy, magazine.

To organise dropping off your goods:

Sow financially into this ministry – each bag costs approximately R300.00 to make.

Any financial donation is welcome.
If you pay directly into the Church bank account, please reference your payment: “Bless-a-Baby”

We send a team of volunteers out to Klipheuwel Primary School two mornings a week to help those children who are struggling with their reading and writing.
You don’t need any teaching experience – just lots of love and a bit of patience.  To find out more:

Put your name down on our list of people who make soup for the school children.  We supply the soup buckets, recipe and dry ingredients.

At the end of each term a team of volunteers goes out to Klipheuwel Primary School to take part in a morning of fun, spiritual input and connection with the children.
We make food for the children and at the end of the year we bless them all with a gift bag.

We run feeding programmes most school holidays.
Contributions towards the food for these programmes are always welcome.

If you pay directly into the Church bank account, please reference your payment: “Klipheuwel food”

Interested in being a cell group leader?

Are you organised, methodical and keen to help us with our admin?

Does this catch your eye? We would love to chat to you about our vision of cell planting and where you might fit in.

Would you like to help with hospitality?