The Impact of different generations (Part 5)

Boitumelo Dikoko shares how different generations have impacted his life.

“Growing up, my grandmother prayed a lot. Prayer was so important, before meals, before travelling but most importantly in good and bad times. I remember in tough times I’d walk into my grandmother’s room and she’d be praying, in the middle of the night with her radio on and hymns playing.

And my mother, she always encouraged us to find a place to fellowship, even if it wasn’t where she was fellowshipping. This was so important to me, not because ‘Sunday is for church’ but because it’s a place to fellowship.

Then, I can’t forget my Sunday school teacher, who led me to the Lord. She was an old tannie (my Sunday school had tannies) and one day I pulled her aside and said, ‘Can I give my life to the Lord?’. And then they made sure, they were so focused on making sure that we have a relationship with God.”

A generation just ahead of Boitumelo also had an impact in his life. “I remember going to a men’s camp and I was dating my then girlfriend, now wife, Viwe. I think I’d been overcomplicating the thought of marriage and after that camp I just came back and said Viwe I want to get married to you. I think the generations that went before me in all stages of my life made things look a bit clearer, as to where I’m going. My encouragement, mainly.”
“Then of course the children. A few years back I was a children’s church teacher and I’ll never forget how much children don’t overcomplicate faith. We overcomplicate faith with doctrines and so on, but the questions that children ask are just to clarify what they already believe or perceive.
How has this all impacted how I am serving God today? I think the main one is seeking counsel from those I am walking with, or have walked with, and second of all, just being present where God is calling me. So, being a dad, a husband or a co-worker. Just being present in those moments.”
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