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Freedom from Nightmares:How God Found Me

I’m 21-years old and I was struggling with nightmares after a traumatic incident. I didn’t believe in God at all and I wasn’t in the habit of praying. One night I prayed, “Please God, make these nightmares stop,” because I couldn’t sleep and I was so tired of the nightmares and not being able to sleep. To my surprise, I experienced a supernatural healing from these nightmares! I realised that God does heal and that God hears me!

After that I felt like I had to find God but I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t do anything about it initially but God kept popping up on my social media feed and I wasn’t Googling God-related stuff at all. After a couple of months I felt like I needed to take action and I remembered how I was healed from the nightmares.

I found out about El Shaddai’s Christian Church’s Young Adults gatherings and I went on my own. I shared with the young adults that I know that God is calling me but I don’t know how to do this.

At that gathering I was lead to the Lord, accepted Jesus as my Saviour and I was filled with he Holy Spirit. One of the leaders commented and said, “it was such a beautiful moment, it was very special”.

A week-and-a-half later I was baptised and a bunch of the young adults came to support me and celebrate this special occasion. – Abigail de Water

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